With our newly developed proprietary crack detection system we are able to scan 360° of the tube circumference and the complete thickness of the wall. The current systems available for tube wall scans were developed over 30 years ago and only offer minimum coverage of tube wall (sometimes less than 30%)

The Reformer Tube Scanner type Tube Scan-360-OD is equipped with a powerful proprietary technique for sensitive crack detection in reformer pipes up to 23mm wall thickness. As the proprietary technique needs no couplant, the readings are repeatable from test to test. Both measurements strain and crack detection are carried out simultaneously during the inspection. During each tube inspection, millions of data points are collected on each tube. With this data, we will perform a level 1 assessment on each tube and present this information in a report before leaving the job site. Afterwards, a final inspection report will be completed and sent to the client with all tubes chart overviews.

Reformer Services Proprietary Tube Scan 360°

Reformer Services is the first and only company to offer clients a full 360° coverage for creep and crack detection on both the ID and OD of your reformer tubes. Please contact us for more information.