Health & Safety and Environmental Management System

At Reformer Services, safety is our number one priority. The attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values that our employees share in relation to safety are shaped through proactive management to comprise our positive safety culture. Some of the many initiatives we utilize to reinforce this positive culture are safety toolbox topics, analysis of safety statistics to determine behavioral trends, interactive safety moments and incentive-based safety awards. At Reformer Services, performing our work safely is a way of life and we encourage all employees to practice this at work as well as home. Quality assurance, health & safety care and environmental protection (HSE) rank high in Reformer Services LLC  corporate policy. Our consultants represent a broad knowledge base in the fields of quality, health & safety and environmental management. Besides this general know-how, each consultant is a specialist in his or his or her own field, together covering the following disciplines:

  • protection and safety systems and quality management
  • high-pressure and vacuum cleaning
  • safety recommendations for the hazardous substances
  • asbestos awareness
  • industrial hygiene and gas measurement
  • respiratory and skin protection
  • information and instruction

Continual Improvement

This broad base of knowledge and experience has ensured that the aforementioned. The process-oriented HSE management systems, in which a continual striving for improvement in all processes is guaranteed by the PDCA methodology (Plan-Do-Check-Act). In this way significant improvements have been brought about in the past years, which is reflected among other things in the excellent scores achieved in the field of safety.

Pro-Active Participation in Trade & Industry Platforms

Reformer Services LLC pro-active attitude has led to a leading position in the field of HSE management. This is reflected among other things in the participation in various trade & industry platforms in the fields of safety and quality, such as:

  • ISN –
  • TWIC
  • DISA

Internal Safety Courses

The HSE Department also develops and organizes various specialist safety courses. The organizing of internal safety courses produces fruitful dialogue with employees and enables flexible anticipation of practical situations. Both the HSE consultants organizing the courses and the employees attending them benefit from these courses. Meanwhile a lot of experience has been acquired with internal courses and a lot of teaching material has been procured. Today the safety courses enjoy great renown and are attended internationally by personnel of many fellow subsidiaries and third parties. An essential feature of the courses is their excellent practical orientation.